FSI Vanilla+

Server FAQ.

Yes, the server has different plugins to check every action such as block removal and container transactions.
No, only primed TNT.
Firespread is Off.

Donating FAQ.

Tier 1: £5.00 (GBP)
Tier 2: £10.00 (GBP)
Tier 3: £20.00 (GBP)
Tier 4: £40.00 (GBP)
Tier 5: £60.00 (GBP)
Tier 6: £100.00 (GBP)
Ducky: *exclusive*
You get different perks depending on your tier, you can view them here.
You can donate here.

Staff FAQ.

You can view the staff here.
When staff slots are available Jowcey#0117 may make a post about it or pick a person he thinks is eligible.

FSI Plugin FAQ.

Type /fsi in game.
Dice Roll & Dice Roll (B): this is used in the events world for mini games such as "FSIOPOLY" the Monopoly game.

Random Teleport (RTP): If you are within 100 blocks of 0, 0 (Spawn) then you can use this to teleport out of spawn up to 10,000 blocks.

Last Death: Displays the coordinates of your last death.

Portal: Calculates the correct location of your nether side portal from the block you are standing on in the overworld.
New Claim: From here you can specify your type of land claim, Custom Shape, Chunk, or Radius.

Rename Claim: Lets you rename the claim you are stood in if you own the claim.

Delete Claim: Lets you delete the claim you are stood in if you own the claim.

List Claims: Lists all the claims you have made, and their approximate coordinates.

Claim Config: Specific configs you can change per claim; Such as:
  • Claim Colour: Changes the colour that people see on the map and on their action bar.
  • Territory Name: If you have a collective of friends that you base with you can have multiple claims that all share the same territory name.
  • Display Actionbar: This will toggle if the claim names show on your action bar or you are sent a message upon entering/leaving a claim.
  • Claim Display: Lets you choose how you see claim info and re-order the layout like "{player} - {claim} - {territory}" could look something like "Jowcey - Spawn - FSI"


Land claiming only serves the purpose to display the areas in which players wish to build on the map.
If your land claim was created before they started building then there are 3 options:
  • 1. Let them live there also.
  • 2. Make them pay a living fee.
  • 3. Make them move out of your claim. (Staff can assist with this)

If you claimed land over their build then your claim will simply be deleted and you will be asked to re-do it.
If the player is still active on the server then you can speak to them about buying/trading claims by using the "List Claims" feature.

If the player isn't active on the server, and their claim doesn't contain any builds by that player then a staff member will contact the player and suggest they log in or find another way to handle it. If there is no response then the claim will be deleted.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions and you've checked out our FAQ page, then please join our Discord here. and create a ticket.

A member of staff will be with you ASAP and answer any questions you may have related to the server.